Just to further elaborate on why I privated the Katawa Shoujo videos. I like the story, I like the characters, and I like the morals and I like the messages behind the game. That every person (regardless of looks or disabilities) is a person, and deserves to be treated as such. That no matter a persons illness or short comings, you can still be their friend and share experiences with them. These are all great things. But inside of this lies the beast that most of the time lies dormant, but we all know its there. To an outsider, the game has an extremely negative connotation. To them it oozes sex, fantasies, and erotica when it really doesn’t. But lets be honest, it is really easy to believe that because the game strays extremely close to the line. So close that I don’t feel comfortable having it on my channel anymore. Some people may see it is a cop out, but I just don’t want that kind of content on my channel anymore. Swearing, cursing, random shenanigans…I love that! But I guess when it comes to sexual things, I get a extremely skiddish. And looking back on it, I really just don’t feel comfortable with it.

I was in a rut when I first started that game, I was grasping to anything to try and a. Keep my channel afloat. (This was a few months after the creature incident and my channel was taking a nosedive) And b. fulfill something I guess I thought I was missing in my heart. IN MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION, I feel like the game resonates with people who are lonely, missing out, or just generally don’t fit in well. And playing the game doesn’t fix anything, it only prolongs those feelings. It fixes the symptoms, but not the problem. Did it make me feel better when I played it? Sure. I felt a connection to Hisao I loved him as a character. But I realized it was only prolonging a problem, not fixing it. I was very bad at socializing in person with others and to be honest, needed to lose weight. I evaluated my life and made the conscience decision to fix the problem. I lost weight, I met a beautiful girl who I have deep feelings for, and I’m for once in a long time Im happy with my life without having to need something else to act as a crutch. Maybe I grew up. Maybe I changed. Maybe I just needed a wake up call. Regardless, I can say I am actually happy. And its been a long time since Ive said that.

The reason why I stopped the videos and why I privated the series is because that is a time in my life I don’t want to go back to. I want to move forward, and I don’t want that series reminding me of when I was in a rut in life. Compound that with the fact that the game is a bit lewd and some of the fanatics of that game can be extremely annoying, to the point of harassment. Its just something I want to put in my past.

I Hope you got enjoyment from the series, and I hope it helped you out of a rut, but it’s time to retire it. If you were mid series watching it, I am sorry. But this wasn’t an easy decision to make. The series still gets around 15,000 views a day throughout all of the parts. I have been dragging my feet on it for months, but this is the decision that needed to be made.

I love you Guys. Thanks for sticking with me through difficult times. And I hope you guys still stick around for the future

You friend and Captain


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